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Human-computer interface design: UX and UI

I help grow businesses with stunning product design.


I design mobile & computer software and interfaces, devoting towards captivating yet functional design. It’s my way of creating products that your users will love! ❤

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My work - UX & UI
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My Design


Research & Development

During this phase, I work on the provided concept and wireframes. Then I finalize the functions list, prepare the technical requirements, and conceptualize the application experience architecture with a roadmap of interactivity (UX). In required projects, I make an interactive prototype and test it with a focus group.

Philosophy & Aftercare

Good design if not met with thought and intent results in a terrible and often a tiring experience. My mindset is not to call it a day after the designs are made, rather, start a case study to understand the possible bugs and problems then working on them to create a more robust and polished experience.

The stark finesse by going that extra mile. 

Design & Animation

Design is everything your user interacts with (UI). The better the impression your product makes, the more users it attracts. I understand that with my heart and thus, try to avoid cookie-cutter solutions. In the process, I create individualized designs for your unique audience while anticipating your needs and expectations.

Complete Deliverance

With everything finalized and implemented, the application design is delivered in multiple formats for your developer team to take reference and make your application! 

I provide mockups as PNGs or JPGs, a demonstration video that you can use as the release video afterwards to market your application and of-course, the prototype file.

Why UX & UI ?

At this point you might be wondering about the reason why shouldn't you just begin with the development process. Why invest so much time and resources on designing the experience and interface design in the first place? Well, having a complete human-computer interface (HCI) design makes sure that your customers feel right at home and instead of making countless revisions on the development stage in the after-release feedback, why not perfect everything from the very beginning? 

It is like having a strong basement to build your house

Furthermore, your developers would really appreciate it when they will have a solid reference and concept to work on; and they will be able to focus on what is need to be done, by them. Hence, UX & UI. 

Working on a set of projects

that are rich in



interaction design & animation


"Tunnelify VPN" Concept App UI Design


My research &

case studies


Right now I am working on some of the popular apps and services which could be done in better ways. I shall put them up here as soon as they are done!

1. Facebook (social-media) - towards completion
2. Grosc (personal grocery-app project)
3. Amazon (shopping/e-commerce)
4. Apple Music (audio entertainment)

UX/UI Case Studies
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