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Mrittick Choudhury  &  Asmi Dhakal


A short film that upholds the dangers of the dark web.


What happens when you have not seen much in life, unaware of all the evil that exists and may lurk around, waiting just for the unsuspecting victim that falls prey into its unforgiving consequences? 

We have Sreyon, an middle school kid to tell just that.

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Release Date: TBA

You can watch on multiple platforms once the short film is released. The links will be shared right here. Till then, you can subscribe to us below.

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Welcome To My Show

(C) MMXXI ,  Mrittick Choudhury and Asmi Dhakal - all rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead,

or actual events, is primarily coincidential.

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