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Futuristic, viable and captivating designs & websites for your product & cause

Hi I am Mrittick, and I am a Product Designer. 
specialised in UX & UI design, interaction & motion design 

Beyond design, I’m also a musician & film producer who is keen on telling a story that goes beyond the first glance. 
While traveling, I do the same through my photography and vlogs

I am also the co-founder & chair of Renaissance Digital Global and the founder & chair of Fluid Design & Renaissance Music


6+ years of diverse experience
Trusted by companies & hearts

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Recent works

Facebook App Redesign

Modern facelift of the FB app based on modern design psychology and conventions, increasing usability and enhancing the overall experience.

Kart Shopping App

Rivaling the online shopping experience through bold and brave design choices that revamp ecommerce-design with more practicality and aesthetics.

Awakey Alarm App

More than just a reminder and alarm companion, it’s a practice-morpher! Set new & healthier habits in your daily routine, track your activities, compare with others and more.

Recent Works

Follow along with me
& my journey across 
the world

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Travel, explore, photography & vlogs about life

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Mrittick Choudhury is also known as ‘Frost-X-Mritz’ & ‘Life of Mritz’


The former being my alias as a musician, the latter goes for my day-to-day lifestyle vlog channel. As for my primary YouTube channel, I upload design-tutorials, tips & tricks, and other more fun tech-related content.


Got an idea? Share here and let’s get started :)

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Learn. Unite. Create. Live.

© 2022


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